BioElements skin care delivers what serious customers expect: The highest standards of quality and performance

from the best skin care line.  Our professional facial products do not contain artificial colorants, synthetic fragrance

or parabens, which can irritate and damage the skin.  And we never test on animals.

Home skin care - our trusted at-home formulas deliver the same professional results you expect after receiving a

spa facial.  It is a complete line of professional skin care products that can target any concern, from wrinkles or sagging

skin to dark undereye circles or breakouts.  There is a formula designed for it all


Master Esthetician---Jody Smith at (509) 859-5018  or:

Massage Therapist and Esthetician---Liz at (509) 220-1510 or: 

Massage Therapist---Vanessa Burstein at 509-218-2916 or: