Massage Treatments

Chair Massage

A taste of this will have you coming back for more!

15 min-$15.00


Half-Hour Massage

A therapeutic treatment on 1 -2 specific areas of the body (head/neck, shoulder, back....).

30 min-$30.00


One Hour Therapeutic Massage

Which focuses on the major tension areas or full body.

60 min-$65.00


One hour Swedish Massage

60 min-$55.00

Hour & a Half Therapeutic Massage

The ultimate gift for yourself or loved one. A relaxing whole body treatment which allows ample attention to problem areas.

90 min-$90.00


Specialty Massages

Massage Packages


Master Esthetician---Jody Smith at (509) 859-5018  or:

Massage Therapist and Esthetician--- Liz at (509) 220-1510 or: 

Massage Therapist---Vanessa Burstein at 509-218-2916 or: